June 2021

Nissan LEAF CarWings Language Conversion

Thanks for purchasing the Nissan LEAF CarWings Language Conversion

We have 2 options for you to receive this product

Option 1 - By Courier 

We can send you an SD card pre loaded with the update by courier, this would arrive the following working day. From here you need to follow the below videos to retrieve the .dat file from the head unit, then send it to keys@DriveEV.co.nz .

If you would like to proceed with option 1 please purchase the update with the included SD Card here (Add link Ned)

This SD card will permanently stay in the vehicle and the old one become obsolete. 

Option 2 - Download the files now

The web shop will let you download the instructions sheet that has the downloads links for the correct image files on it.

SD Card requirements : 16GB or larger, full size SD card (using an adapter on a microSD is fine also)

After downloadign the file, flash it to the SD card using this program, balenaEtcher (link). There is a video (link) with some instructions on how to use this program.

Once you have a (pre)flashed SD Card:

Part one: https://youtu.be/C_omZvxZQY4 
Part two: 

note: In the video, Steve mentions it is very important to get the location very accurate, this is not the case. It will self heal over time, so close is good enough. Also, check the time zone is set to Auckland, or else your charge timers will be operating at the incorrect time.

More Information

Sometimes we cannot provide a .key immediately, these files are generated one by one and are only available during working hours. You can use your car and head unit in the meantime, simply reinsert the original SD card and power off and on again. The unit will still be in Japanese but functioning as normal, while you wait for your .key file to arrive. Please note* if you do use the unit while waiting you will need to repeat the steps used to retrieve the .dat file. (see 1 minute into Part one: https://youtu.be/C_omZvxZQY4 )


The most common problem we hear about is the Blue screen as pictured below. This happens when the unit is not happy with the SD card, for various reasons. To fix this, simply reinsert the original SD card and power off and on again to return the unit back. The main cause of this is not swapping the card (as shown in the video) fast enough. Sometimes it takes a few practice runs to get it right, but please persist, you will get there! We have had a 100% success rate of remote installs, even though some have taken a little longer than others.

We are here to help along the way if you need anything at all please just get in touch with us.

Messages on the screen may differ

Adding bulk charging stations

If you would like to add bulk charging stations to your navigation you can do so by following these instructions (link) 

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