June 2021

Nissan Connect Language Conversion Instructions

Obtaining SD Card

You need an SD Card to do the firmware update. The SD Card has the latest firmware on it, and when inserted will automatically start the update procedure.

The web shop will let you download the instructions sheet that has the downloads links for the correct image files on it. You then flash that to a 32GB SD Card using this program, balenaEtcher (link). There is a video (link) with some instructions on how to use this program.

When that is done, download this force.key file (link) and put it on the SD Card root directory as well. There is another file called BPCLB that you can download here (link) that needs to be placed in the DBDIR folder on the SD Card. This file replaces an existing file that fixes some potential bugs to do with slow Android Auto and Apple Carplay response.

Update and License Files

The update requires a license file to activate the update after it completes. These are generated by EVs Enhanced, and we are one of their partners and we will organise the key file for you. Generating the key is done during business hours and could take up to a day to complete. 

The EVs Enhanced instructions on how to do the update are provided here (link) but the simple instructions are as follows:

  • Create SD Card as above
  • Insert SD Card and put the car in ‘Ready Mode’
  • Follow the instructions on screen
  • Wait for the unit to beep and show a QR code on the screen and asks for a key file
  • Email keys@DriveEV.co.nz the “.dat” file that is on the SD Card
  • Put the “.key” file we send back onto the SD Card and back in the car

The unit is now in English!

There are a few settings to change to disable voice guidance in the
Settings-> Navigation->Guidance Settings
Settings-> Navigation->Guidance Voice Settings

You can set your region in the “FM Menu” in the “Audio-TV” part of the head unit to get local radio station names displayed when you tune in. (Auto region, scan and auto.p won’t work in the FM Menu)

If the radio doesn't receive all channels, check if a band expander is fitted. If so, remove it.
If the clock is wrong (give it a few minutes outside with good GPS coverage first) then check the GPS antenna is plugged in correctly

Again, detailed instructions for all of that are in the EVs Enhanced instructions here (link)

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